Sunday, July 4, 2010

Little Bandit

Biography :

Starting from the most northerly set of the poor suburbs, Little bandit formed in the year ago and has been neglected long enough mangkrak amid bustle personnel who each own maze. In mid to late 2006 Singkek berkiat arrange a new formation called "littlebastardbandit" through encouraging Avan danTetenk.

For months the three of us mengonsep and stirring music rudimentary materials such as fried rice to make mutually drum beater. Iwan, Gandi, Soni, and finally, sitting behind the drums to this day is here Dian.Intinya Little bandit Dressed to steal two personnel E Minor.

Here we concept (universal) in one of the wealth of genres. Basically, "we're punk" with crossover crossover hardcore and grindcore with a little metal mixing spices which will be reviewed by a character throat vocals. Why do we have a universal concept? Because we do not want to be a dwarf in recognition of the pressure will be a genre which we think could be a character assassination as well as narrow the thinking brain.

Basically, the universal non-judgmental "the best of my genre" or fuck off pengkotakan. We also do not want to get caught, buried and died in vain in one genre (we're respect for other). But behind all this we're punk with a person who is not in a punk background itself.

Social is our lyrics metaphorically also said that little distortion would offend the negative side tangled politics and a little more natural selection of the existence of natural selection itself.

Band Members :

* Singkek - Vocals
* Yudha - Backing Vocal
* Tetenk - Guitar
* Avan - Bass
* Dian - Drums

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