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Hands Upon Salvation

Biography :

Formerly known as "Destruct" who has been in the scene since November 1998. Destruct was formed by Agus, Daru, Hery (ex- Diphterium Hate) and Desmond (ex- Scumbag). And then, the concept of being a metallic hardcore band was chosen. Since their first appearances, they've always had line-up problems. Now after almost 4 years used the name "Destruct", they finally decided to change their name into Hands Upon Salvation. We are personally interested in being a part of the hardcore scene because we are all personally fit into the music, the chord, the energy, the passion, and the whole tradition of hardcore stands about. Being independent, playing such an energetic chord of the movement, trying to think in a different perspective and not scared to talk about whats going on inside our heads and our hearts and making friends and communicate with kids in everywhere we could. Although at the beginning some of us didn't fall in love in hardcore in the first place, but finally we are all proud to choose and being a part of the hardcore scene. And this is our present line-up, we are: Agus (vocals), A'ar (guitar), Daru (bass), and Suryo (drums). Before this, A'ar also known as a guitarist for a "tough guy" hardcore bands called Dapperheid, while Suryo are also well known for his performance with his past bands such as Chaos Machine (HC), Fat Bastard (Crustcore), Malformed (Grindcore) and some other few names. Now besides drumming for Hands Upon Salvation he also known as a drummer for the band Morning Horny (pop punk). We are stayed loyal with our first concept, being as a metal/hardcore band. We are influenced by a lot of bands, almost all the members listens to a lot of different music and a lot of different bands/ individual artist. And of course each member has their own influence and their own favorite bands/ musicians. Musically, our songs are goes along with the same direction of Deformity, All Out War, Morning Again, Congress, Abnegation, and Day Of Suffering. While we still kept metal influences from bands like Slayer, Kreator, Sadus, Suffocation, etc. Lyrically we deal with few themes about their hope towards justice, equality, humanity, earth, nature, other species, and also about pain, desperation, love, and any theme we want to speak about. All written with personal feelings, personal point of view, and then blended with some dark elements. After reborn with their new names we are decided to record our very first demo in late 2003, and later this demo was released as their first mini album in 2004 by Diorama Records. With the increase of our mature age, and the more growing audiences to our performance, and the more recognition to our appearances, we seems to be develop naturally to draw more attention to the musical progression, performances, and the ethical choice we believe. We didn't have any spesific plans, except for keeping us together playing and creating the music as good as we can, making friends and more friends in everywhere we could cause we believe that communication is a really nice thing to do and we love to do it. We didn't have any spesific goal or mission unlike other bands. We're just happy to be what we are today, playing the best as we can, and not scared to talk about our feelings towards everything we want.

Albums :
01. Celebrate The Newborn
(5 songs EP/ pro-cd-r format - Diorama Records/ Indonesia - 2004)
02. Celebrate The Newborn (Re-release)
(5 songs EP/ cassettes format - Dehidrate Records/ Indonesia - 2005)
03. Celebrate The Newborn (Re-release)
(5 songs EP/ pro-cd-r format - Paranoid Records/ Malaysia - 2005)
04. Celebrate The Newborn (Re-release)
(5 songs EP/ pro-cd-r format - Retribution Network/ Japan - 2006)
05. Celebrate The Newborn (Re-issued with lotsa bonuses!)
(7 songs, 1 video, 1 documentary EP/ pro-cd-r format - Birthdie Records/ Indonesia - 2010)

Splits :
01. A Simple Journey
(4-Way Split with Disagree, Breath Of Despair, Moment Of Pain/cassettes format - Diorama Records/ Indonesia - 2006)
02. The Burden Reflects
(4-Way Split project with Nothing, Gate Of Hopeless (Japan), Canopus (Japan) /pro-cdr format - Diorama Records/ Indonesia - 2008)
03. The Burden Reflects (Re-release)
(4-Way Split project with Nothing, Gate Of Hopeless (Japan), Canopus (Japan) /pro-cdr format - Retribution Network/ Japan - 2008)

Compilations :
01. A Thousand Crying Eyes
(Crushing The Boundaries Compilation/ cassettes format - Undying Music/ Indonesia - 2004)
02. Power To Awake
(Go Crazy Compilation/ cd format - UglySmokeCore Records/ Malaysia - 2005)
03. Down To The Extinction
(Masher Noise Compilation 3/ cd format - Masher Noise Records/ Brazil - 2005)
04. Breathing By Obscurity
(Stop Kontradiksi Lalu Mati Compilation - Takut Sengsara Records/ Indonesia - 2005)
05. As The Sky Fall
(Sisa Mutilasi Bunuh Diri Compilation/ cassettes format - Horrible Creation Music Media/ Indonesia - 2005)
06. A Thousand Crying Eyes, Breathing By Obscurity
(War Must Be Declared Part II Compilation/ pro-cd-r format - Retribution Network/ Japan - 2006)
07. Better By Daylight
(Hear The Unheard Vol 1 Compilation/ cd format - Indonesia - 2006)
08. Down To The Extinction
( Kompilasi Cadas Tanpa Batas 2/ cassettes format - Dapross Records/ Indonesia - 2006)
09. Breathing By Obscurity, A Thousand Crying Eyes
(War Must Be Declared Part II Compilation (re-release) / pro-cdr format – Diorama Records/ Indonesia – 2007)
10. Breathing By Obscurity (video-clips)
(East Side Metal - Video Comp/ DVD format - East Side Records/ Indonesia - 2009)
11. Your False Eulogy
(Wasted Rockers Vol 1 Compilation/ Digital Audio-mp3 format - Indonesia - 2009)
12. Your False Eulogy
(Sounds Of Jogja Compilation/ Digital Audio-mp3 format - Locstock Fest/ Indonesia - 2009)

The Burden Reflects - 4-way Split Indonesia vs Japan
This is our newest releases, a 4-way split project entitled "The Burden Reflects" with Canopus (Japan), Gate Of Hopeless (Japan), Nothing (Indonesia). Released by Diorama Records in the beginning of 2008 and soon will be re-released and distributed by Retribution Network (Japan)...check it out!!

Hands Upon Salvation : Celebrate The Newborn (repackaged)
Yes! We found another label who loves to re-release our first ep Celebrate The Newborn! Its our nice friend from Birthdie Records who decided to support us by re-releasing our first ep. Birthdie Records will be the 5th labels after Diorama Records, Dehidrate Records, Paranoid Records (Malaysia), and Retribution Network (Japan) who produce and spreading our ep. And yeah! This ep will be repackaged with 2 new songs, a videoclips, and a live documentary clips from our set!! A killer bulldoze I hope haha!

Band Members :

*Agus - Vocalist
*A'ar - Guitarist
*Ndaru - Bassist
*Suryo - Drummers

Free Download Hands Upon Salvation's MP3 :

* Hands Upon Salvation - Breathing By Obscurity

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