Monday, July 26, 2010


Biography :

IMPURITY was formed in early September established the origin of this band because of the willingness MBAN (VOC) to create a band with death metal wing .. the guitarist finally came ABLEh (death couple). BUJUY (finger in the throat) and KEMOD .. initial formation IMPURITY.. - mban : voc - ableh : guitar - kemod :bass - bujuy :drum No longer than that resigned because ABLEH busy with his first band. BUJUY any ABLEH followed the same reason .. no longer than that came ALVIN (Invader) and STAR (APOCRYPAL) .. This formation also ALVIN soon resigned because of something. after all this time finally came to change the formation Gerry (MISANTROPIC) to fill the void on drums .. second formation IMPURITY .. - mban : voc - bintang : guitar - kemod : bass - gerry : drum With the formation of this impurity is very solid because there is something that makes no harmony in the band .. BINTANG at the end because it does not remove the focus with the direction of our goals .. and again one by one retired personnel. Gerry had to resign with no reasons .. after the band had to disband because apart pairs of personnel .. BUJUY finally back in the band ..not long ago from the WEDRA (EDEN COLLAPSE) signed to fill the void in the guitar .. The third formation IMPURITY - mban : voc - wedra : guitar - bujuy : drum and this is the final line-up IMPURITY ...

Band Members :

*Mban - Guttural Vokill
*Wedra - Guitarist
*Tito - Guitarist
*Adit - Bassist
*Bujuy - Drummers

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