Friday, July 16, 2010

Fixing a Broken Heart

Biography :

Around 2005, form a band that is named "Fixing A Broken Heart" which has some of the personnel who want to unify a formation that has a similarity gendre in listening to music is Rock, and finally one of the personnel beni band that initially only a it only became a music course and try to invite some friends to make the band because you want to try to distribute them and the hobby after a long time trying to find friends who want to join in the band is then actually form a band called "Fixing A Broken Heart "among Angga (vocal), Bassu (guitar), Beni (bass), and Stevanus (drums). They began to gather together and agree on the type of stream and rock, such as what you want to play by the band, long after They finally agreed to bring the flow of the type of rock into a more focused Screamo, as screamo is a flow that are famous at the time. After a long form Bassu not feel comfortable if he played only a single guitarist and eventually we began to negotiate to find a new guitarist to fill the vacancy on the guitar to accompany the two Bassu, and eventually we get people that we consider suitable personnel to fill the vacancy in the band that we Ickbal. After a long Ickbal join us start creating a few songs that always have a concept to a case concerned with the atmosphere of ill will, after a few songs we have also started playing on gigs or events that have certainly Underground community. But the problem with the band was not completed until just here. some personnel Fixing a Broken Heart is starting to feel confused at the time of the drum Stevanus draw himself from this band because he had to continue the education outside the city. And finally, we try to find new personnel to fill the vacancy on the drum line we find we still continue a career band to keep ahead and try not to stop and break up with additional drummer until eventually we meet in Aggung which call for the Bunny we offer to join the band until the end Bunny also agree to join in this band, we do not get old on drum replacement Stevanus, Angga as the vocalist on the band stand down as already busy with the start of work on the Go. Not long and we finally get the vocalist for the usual sahrul Togox called to join with us. After a long hiatus we explore some of our personnel began to resume the struggle Fixing a Broken Heart to begin play in the events in the area Bekasi, Jakarta and surrounding areas.

Band Members :

*Angga - Vocalist
*Bassu - Guitarist
*Beni - Bassist
*Stevanus - Drummers

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