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Biography :

Jakarta - in May 1998. From the sidelines of national unrest, formed Straightout initiated by Mui (vocals) and Pipinx (guitars). At the beginning of their music, Straightout influenced by hardcore bands like Earth Crisis and Strife. But over time, travel and replacement of the stage line-up is not the least, they no longer play Hardcore. Influence their musical direction shifted to the kinds Hamartia Metal Band, Dead Blue Sky, Arch Enemy, The Black Dahlia Murder, Iron Maiden, Cradle of Filth up.

Straightout has a character itself in music, dark shades, Sorrow, and also magnificent. Packed with a fast tempo, fill-ins and melodies are critical. From the clatter of piano and female voice dismay strains. Until cuts deep thick guitar. Accompanied by the rapid beat of drums and cries bitterly voiced by a growl. When performed, Straightout also has a stage act that is quite difficult to be described through writing alone. They sangguh energetic and attractive. From the rocking, twisting, trying to crowd surf guitar or bass with them, to throw their instruments into the floor.

On the history of personnel, Straightout also has a background that is quite unique. In drumi by Beni, who is a drummer from The Upstairs, which is a pioneer Nuwave band from Jakarta. Rebecca and the female voice, is flawless in a woman with distinctive and beautiful voice, which previously also had the chance to be personnel from The Upstairs, as well as electronic dance group, Goodnight Electric.

On 25 April 2004 Straightout released his debut full length album titled Undying Beauty and the Symphony of Sadness. in the form of CDs and cassettes under the auspices of an indie record label that is Bluesky Records and collaborated with Diselexia Records (Malaysia) and distributed online through This album is reaping positive response from fans and praise from the local underground media. And Sold Approximately 2000 copies, thus delivering Straightout to various indie scene to scene pensi prestigious high school in Jakarta. Even spread out cities like Bandung, Purwokerto, Semarang and Surabaya. Resumed in February 2005, they released a split album with the title Endzweck Straightout. Split album was done with Endzweck which is one of the japanese hardcore hero's. Where at this time the band has joined with one of the world of hardcore metal trendsetter label Goodlife Recordings, who also had to handle Avenged Sevenfold and Poison The Well. Followed by a series of Keep Music Evil Tour 2005 on 12-15 February 2005 where Straightout together with Cassandra (Malaysian Metal Core) be a Headliner on tour in three cities namely Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang and always successful redden mass of the atmosphere and the adrenaline pumping in every town- city they visit.

Mid-2005, the turn of the line up back there. This time it was not half-hearted, Rendy (guitar), Dony (keyboards) and Bayu (vocals) came out of straightout. But this void does not make Straightout lose their spirit, until the mid 2006 line-up formed tersolid Straightout namely: Demise (ex-sadistic) - vocals, Pipinx - guitars, Danny (ex-Perfect Minor) - guitars, Sonny - bass, Greg (drummer of The Upstairs) - drums, Mela (The Sastro additional player) - keyboards and Rebecca (ex-Goodnight Electric) - female voice.

Straightout re-entered the recording studio in December 2006, the recording process itself is actually only took one month, but unfortunately in the final stages of completion, this album was delayed. One was due to flash floods that hit the capital. After passing through various processes and constraints, eventually Straightout titled second album "Forsaken Upon Nemesis" will be released in early september 2007. Contains twelve new songs with musical composition that is more wild than previously.

Band Member :

* Demise (ex-Sadistic) - Vocals
* Pipinx - Guitar
* Danny (ex-Perfect Minor) - Guitar
* Sonny - Bass
* Greg (Drummer of The Upstairs) - Drums
* Mela (The Sastro Additional Player) - Keyboards
* Rebecca (ex-Goodnight Electric) - Female Voice

Free Download Straightout's MP3 :

* Straightout - Black Chapter Diary (Chapter I)
* Straightout - Cordelia Tears
* Straightout - Forsaken Upon Nemesis
* Straightout - Nightbirth of Pregnant Skies

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