Monday, July 26, 2010

Sacred Flesh

Biography :

Sacred flesh was formed in Semarang on March 21st 2001. It was a band with grind core genre. The first formation was Antok, Didik, Iwan and Penny. Most of them used to be play in the different band. Antok was came from “Reinkarnasi”.He played guitar. Didik,the bassist was came from “Death Zombie”. Iwan who have skill in drum was came from “funeral. They ware looking for a vocal. So they found Penny who had a growl voice to make the band complete. After had the complete formation, they decide to find a special name for their band. Penny recommended the name “SACRED FLESH” to them. He inspired by the movie tittled sacred flesh. They thought that it was a powerful name for their band. They wanted their pure love in metal music really2 planted in their soul, flow on their bloods, be together with their flesh,their body. They begin to start their music career. SACRED FLESH was arise yet.................................... Influenced by “Cripple Bastard”, Disrupt” “Agathocles” and so on, they played metal especially in grind core. But, in the end of 2002, there was a conflict between them and made Antok, Didik and Iwan gone out from it. For almost six months it was vacuum. In April 7th 2003, Sacred flesh was rise again with new formation. There were Tonny from Anarxis Corpse as the guitarist, Ariya as the vocal and Penny as the drummer. They were back again in Semarang metal community. Once again, there was a problem in their band. Tonny the guitarist decided to vacuum from music activity because of his business. So, Sacred flesh had to found another person. Unexpectly they found Tonny whose the name is the same with the guitarist before him. Finally in the end of 2005 Sacred flesh found the solid person. It was Ariya (vocal), Penny(vocal), Tonny(guitar), Iwan(drum) and Ivan the new person as the bassist. After two years join with sacred flesh, suddenly he left the band because he must move to Jambi, Sumatera Island together with his family in the middle of the year. In this recent days, Sacred flesh recruits additional bass player.........!!!!

Band Members :

*Penny - Voice Growl and Zeck Bass

Seeking Guitarist , drummers!!!
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