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Biography :

CASTIGATION founded in 1998. Domiciled in the city of Bogor. Prior named castigation, the band members called Sakratul Death Yana (Vox), Erfan (Guitar), Jojon (bass) and Johan (Drums). But as time passes too many death sakratul names used by other bands, so in 2000 the name changed to Sakratul Death "CASTIGATION", in the ancient English means "torture". The band has changed personnel several times, Reza (guitar), signed in September 2003, replacing Erfan (guitar) who later resigned in 2004. Not long after that Jojon (Bass) resigned and was replaced by Ridu in the same year. At the end of 2007 Yana out and replaced by Tedy Moreno (Vox), and the beginning of the year 2010 was Gilang fill in Castigation Rythym Guitar. This formation lasted until today.

Discography :

- An Experiment in listening Vol. IV - (USA)
- Brutal Disaster Compilation Vol. 3 - NO LABEL (Indonesia)
- Warrior From Boeitenzorg Compilation - Untroden Rec.( Indonesia)

- Keep Pushing The Underground Vol. IV - Westmont Metal Rec (USA)

- Split w/ Declare War (USA) - Dehidrate Records (Indonesia)
- Split w/ The Path (USA) - Music Is A Weapon (USA)
- MOSH HARD FEST DVD (w/ StraightOut, Dead Maya, Killed By Butterfly, etc...)

Band Members :

*Tedy Moreno - Vocalist
*Reza Irmansyah - Guitarist
*Gilang - Guitarist
*Ridwan "Ridu" - Bassist
*Johan Saputra - Drummers

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