Friday, July 23, 2010


Biography :

DISINCARNATION. possible from early formed his this band,we do not think to be able to become like this. from early formed started by the regi come in contact with to sandi then they start with three formation people of early by regi at guitar, sandi at bass, sandi called alfan to follow to fiddle around with the position change sandi to become the player of bass and alfan fill the blankness of at guitar. then we come in contact with the awfi and invite it become the vocal. with the concept of early this hardcore band have time to a few/little vacuum because this band no one have filled the last drum position of awfi invite satria. our music concept here in after turn into metal, math, our last progresive even also start accustomed to this music concept. is old but - too long band with the this music concept is progress in existence. with the ego by self making this band is just stuck there, we confess that this band have time to have the music concept which trend to to follow the others concept which at that moment is becoming trend. we do not disobey that us is at that moment brought by concept of wrong life style and music. and at one time we start to make a song with the rather concept differ but our band with our concept is such a is oppositely, also jeered by other, dissimilar band by is our song much the same to with its band. And now DISINCARNATION is formed by two person, sandi (bass), alfan (guitar), because satria is very busy in they lives and other band. So we're vacuum now...but surelly made matterial!!!and search someome who can help us!!! thank's..!!

Band Members :

*Alfan - Guitarist
*Sandi - Bassist

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