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Biography :

GRINDSUFFERING is the concept of marching band and equipped with DEATH METAL:
First band was named "APHROXIATED" who started a band DEATH METAL due to rampant music in the city BANDUNG, When it started we use the concept but because Ardy game and different from the concept, also Ardy retirement. And for the adit temporary position, in fact, we moved Guitaris he became a drummer, because the drummer was playing well enough Adit position. But when looking for a drummer we are more intensive, we finally recruited a new drummer from the band called "INFLESH" isenk. adit's position is that we return to the previous track as a guitarist, here we use the concept of such "BLASTING GRIND" because we are just starting in the flow DEATH METAL music we continue to create until we see there is a separate activity from isenk who can not divide our time because of busyness isenk,after we started out isenk incorporated in the "INDONESSIAN DEATH METAL" family he finally retired after the departure of isenk we started trying in the kitchen recording ,and after that it was a song out of APHROXIATED "SICKNESS MUTILATING HUMANITY" that you may have heard how the concept of our music at that time but after all this time we were getting fed up with the concept that we use with a growing DEATH METAL music in Indonesia, we also began to change the concept and our band name to "GRINDSUFFERING" and we started looking for a new guitarist to improve sharpness and melodic guitar songs we finally had to hire Guitaris tendi us to build our concept of :
and all that we influence it from outside the band as a band :
Perform rapid development of our music, but because it is difficult to share may tendi last time we were looking for someone who can be relied upon as Guitaris tendi, after searching we finally get the equivalent replacement named tendi Mitsaki, before recruiting Mitsa impurities we have hired former comfort while Garry increasingly intertwined adit returned to Guitaris, and fixed position GRINDSUFFERING :
And when our music started to be accepted among humans in Javanese music west, we were finally beginning to members of a community DEATH METAL,after the steady and mature with our concept, we started back trying to record, and results in the song "PREDESTINED HOUR OF DEATH" which is a song from our concepts of material , and wait for our next song , finally we were joined in CIMAHI DEATH METAL (CDM) to the present which supports our music and we are very grateful for that.

Band Members :

*Aldy - Vocalist
*Bangbang - Guitarist
*Adit - Guitarist
*Bapaw - Bassist
*Ardy - Drummers

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