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Biography :

GELGAMESH established in the town of Bogor in mid-year 1997 began with a meeting Ibanez (x-Terror) and Dani tompel (x-projector), which agreed to merge and form a DEATH METAL band. To strengthen their recruiting Atop this Formation and Sodom, they too joined and agreed to name the band that is GELGAMESH. Formation, which formed the Dani. T (Guitar), Ibanez (Bass), Atop (Drums), and Sodom (Vockill). With this concept in music that took the U.S. style of Sickness Brutal Death Metal Band terinfluence by DISGORGE and Deeds OF Flesh, GELGAMESH start reaching the stage-musical stage a parade and music are held in the city campus and outside the city of Bogor, Bogor. Sodom (Vockill) Decided to resign from his position as vocalist in the band. With the condition without vocalist, a new wind blowing with the entry of new blood Felix vocals fill the vacant position at left Sodom. With the inclusion of Felix, clutches GELGAMESH increasingly widespread, but returned a vacancy occurs in the body that must be lost as well GELGAMESH two personnel, with the release of Felix (Vockill) who decided to concentrate with studynya and Atop (Drums) who decided to resign from membership of the band. Stay two remaining personnel but this condition does not make GELGAMESH lost spirit, bright spots appear and new blood was obtained by joining Rama on Drums (x - INNOCENT victim) and Farid Redyx Vockill position (x - BIOSUCKER), but not Rama lasted so long considering the time-consuming studies that eventually resigned and we had time to vacuum a few months, the lapse of a few months later we recruit Iboy (x-ABHORRED DESPISER / disgrace) on Drums. Formation GELGAMESH now is Dani. T (Guitar), Ibanes (Bass), Iboy (Drums), Farid (Vockill) is the most solid formation of GELGAMESH and in September 2003 we decided to enter studio to record the material that we have made, and with hard work is very tiring GELGAMESH album finally came out "Episode Of The Serial Murder" with 8 songs Again GELGAMESH losing personnel, the founder and Guitaris (Dani) vacuum states in the group because there are far more important purposes with a heavy heart that we let go eventually recruited Bengbeng (X -TOTEN/NISAN) from Lampung in Bass, Iban Guitar, Drums and Farid Iboy Vockill. In early 2008, eventually DESPISEDESUNrecord (ITALY) working on an album GELGAMESH (last breath of the dying one), and the smell of fresh blood at the same time a new spirit of our work on new material for a more brutal ..! Studio albums Slowly BUT GORE.

Band Members :

*Farid - Vocalist
*Iban - Guitarist
*Bengbeng - Bassist
*Iboy - Drummers

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