Friday, July 23, 2010

Damage Project

Biography :

A new revolusioner band was formed in semarang on june 5th 2008 named '' Damage Project.'' Started by a conversation in a metal distro D.O.T at simpang lima ,They have a serious comhment in music................ Their serious comitment was proven by forming a band with Death metal was influenced by bands like :Grave, six feet under, Massacre,Morgoth ,Cadaver and so on.................... which categorized in old school 1990.They want to bring the pure death metal to the real world. Penny Gbs ,yazen sick and Mudo freaks are the persons who make this band more powerful with their special skill.penny Gbs ability in drum and yazen sick can play the guitar fast completed with mudo freaks who have a growl throat voice.before join in this band they had their own band.penny was came from ''sacred flesh'' yazen and mudo at " Black Guard. But,now they make some project and ready to perform in metal world. In this recent days they often hold some exercise to make the band more powerful and strong.Although has just begun to play ,they had created one song titled '' living incarnate''.more and more song will be created soon..........

Band Members :

*Mudo Freaks - Vocal Growl Throat and Seeking Bassist
*Jazen sick - Guitars Style Rhytem
*Penny Grinderizmo - Drummers

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