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Biography :

DECOMPOSED was form in early 2001 and have already produce 2 song with the title Bejad and Inhuman Obliteration which package in promo tape format include a cover song Fear of Napalm from TERRORIZER. One of the songs with the title Bejad included in Republic Chaos compilation and released by Edelweiss Productions. The concept which carried by DECOMPOSED is Grind Crust Core and the lines up are Eka (vocal, ex-NEGATIVE TRUTH), Ario (drums, ex-PANZER), Demang (bass, ex-ZULMATH), and Boris (guitars, ex-ZULMATH). After Eka left the band, DECOMPOSED reform the concept into Brutal Death Grind, with the new vocalist Hepi (vocal, ex-SICK TORMENT) and the band still move on. The musical concept of DECOMPOSED is combination between Brutal Death Metal with Grind Core, it because theres a lot of different reference from its personnel. In April 2002, DECOMPOSED have been finished records their 6 original songs plus Suffer the Children from NAPALM DEATH and cover song Fear of Napalm from TERRORIZER. The recording has been done at K Studio, Jakarta in March 2002. The mini album record on cassette and this first EP released by FRESH BLOOD Records, with the title Putrid Stench Purulency. The band also promotes their self to global scene and doing contact with some overseas underground label for possibility to release on CD. In local scene DECOMPOSED, promote their self with playing in some gigs. 21st January 2006 is the mourning scene for the band. The former and also guitarist, Boris died accuse of brain cancer. However, the anguish and obstacle cant stop the band to keep autonomous, with 3 members. Demang replace the guitar position and the rest still filled the same position. Nevertheless, in early June, the band gets fresh blood from the deadly corpse named Irwan who filled guitars position. After that Demang, replace at the first position, as bassist. In middle June 2006, the band asking Boy of DISEMBOWEL Records to promote the 1st EP Putrid Stench Purulency which re-mastered to make the sound clearly and heavier then before. In the end of November, 26th November exactly. Bambang aka Demang just resigned as bassist player of the band. He just can't share his time between family & the band also with tons of activities. So, we still looking the replacement for drums for the next project. Not stop there, the burden of the band still hang over! Then the new guitarist just left without confirmation & Hepi (vox) who also managed the band decide to fired all the left member Irwan (Guitars) & Ario (Drums). Since then, Hepi still got hold up to develop relationship & maintain the band by himself. With a favor from 2 overseas musician who live in different area, Hepi asked to Rik Irwin (FLESH IMPALED) & Derek Keahi (ex Among The Decay/Bowel Regurgitation) to arranged some new material. Both best brother give their best immense effort & support to keep DECOMPOSED alive & move on. In 22nd March 2009, Ario back to filled drums position. The music direction bit different then before & its still heavy as fuck! Now, the band still active to produced some materials in Death Metal concept. This is the combination between groovy grind drums with catchy noise riff guitar and aggressive vocal. DECOMPOSED tried to keep on the existence in extreme underground local and global scene to spread more sickness in true of BRUTAL DEATH METAL!!! Discography: Putrid Stench Purulency EP. Release by Fresh Blood Records,(IND) 2002 Dimensi Kematian II Compilation. Release by Edelweiss Productions, (IND) 2002 Brutally Sickness III Compilation. Release by Extreme soul Productions,(IND) 2002 Jungle Survival Sound Compilation. Release by JSS, (IND) 2003 The Killers 4 Way Split Brutal Death band. Release by Brutal Productions, (IND) 2006 Blood Join Compilation. Release by Brutal Productions, (IND) 2006 Pleasure to Dismemberment Split CD with CREATED TO KILL. Release by Ruptured Records, May 2007 Putrid Stench Purulency Multimedia CD with live footage. Release by Coyote Records, May 2008. Interview, merchandise, booking: Fresh Blood Records and Merchandise HEPI YULIANTO Bidar 1a St/No. 2 Perum Kelapa Dua Tangerang 15812 INDONESIA.

Band Members :

*Hepi - Vocalist
*Boris - Guitarist
*Demang - Bassist
*Ario - Drummers

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