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Biography :

Everyone has their own point of view about music, idealistic and the world. and we mengekspresikanya in a Symphonic black metal music in the style of ours, which we prefer to call "a symphony of horror".

lagu2 lyrics and music arrangement we create is a reflection of our real life, everyday life and our personal experience in this world in our viewpoints. vampyric viewpoint ..

Hopefully this can be a bit of information to your (brother / sister) who need information and want to know a little about the band Nosferatu. and in this forum we invite to perform communicative interactions if there is something to be conveyed to us ..
especially if there are comments and suggestions to us ...

Base Camp:
joint secretariat
BSO / BO second floor of the campus Fisipol
UGM Yogyakarta.

Nosferatu thank's to:
Prima causa who has created all this and give his blessing to all of this!
Jogjakarta Corpse Grinder, ritual orchestra, Dry, kepaten, Death Vomit, fear epidemic, Damnation, amreta, lementation of innocence, the little door muddy production, roy + OKI Death Vomit, michael pleasure, Arip Blandongan, Ucok deuscorpsetion, norix, mas Camel, Aryo, mas tracks, metal inspiration madison, dirty underground arek2, Lukman, cuplis, Juki, adi iscariot Blitar, Anas unedj, black line community Probolinggo, Puna, kendol, Kopeng, bottles, hitman, tunggeng, Icha + Imron, Detta, Striped tylun,
Black Pentagram (north jogja metal community),
kidi apmd, rizky apmd, yorfie amreta / diabolism, Adi IP GMU 03, GMU techniques Aldy, QQ, charisma (ima) solo, flo, 06 legal dodo, a large family of UGM advertising communications, Emma, atieq, hesty, lang2, frans, Danang, umink, large families terban cheerful, saint, sobbing, ndut, joey, dawn, Semar, a large family KPALH setrajana fisipol UGM, diamonds agisti, community fisipol night, Sande monink GMU community philosophy, tile, tompel, large family philosophy pantarhei UGM , Fitri, fima, large families Onnie Misnary Probolinggo, ayik, tatak, lia, Acil, Fisipol Music Forum, the field's underground community, community palembang metal, house music studio, music studio, f1, Pleasure Shop, Blandongan cafe, and all the brothers / i black people that we can not mention one by one who always support us to remain alive in our world.
dark greetings!

Band Members :

*Eitaz - Vampiric Scream & Six Strings of Darkness
*Carol - Evil Madness Bassist
*Aryo - Hurricane Drummers

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