Saturday, July 17, 2010

Blooded Suicide

Biography :

Blooded Suicide was formed since the middle of September 2006. Blooded Suicide is started from Ian, Ibank, and Dado projects to make a decision to create a band. Blooded Suicide’s looking for a drummer and our friends offering Eddy as our drummer. Eddy has a band (Noise Addict) then Blooded Suicide is starting with covering songs from music as we know. Time is running up and it makes we should have a vocalist. By the time, Ian is offering Trist as a vocalist. Trist has been sign in Blooded Suicide since the last of November. With a new formation, we are starting to create a concept to make sure what kind of Blooded Suicide music in the future. Before Trist joined with us, we have 2 songs. Which are Destroy The War and Under The Grave I Stand. After Trist joined with us a new concept has make a color in Blooded Suicide. Blooded Suicide’s offering melodic death metal concept. With the new concept Blooded Suicide is creating new songs. At list, with melodious tone of the guitar, and little crunchy sound at the bass guitar Blooded Suicide’s starting to create new atmosphere in music scene. Hard beat and fast beat makes drum feel so fast but calm. To perfecting the music of Blooded Suicide, high and middle scream with deep growl make Blooded Suicide sounds feel so dark. Influenced by another melodic death metal band in the other country, Blooded Suicide had an idea to mix a modern melodic death metal sound with so much more bass and middle tone in guitar. That’s all mean Blooded Suicide was trying to give a concept in development of music scene.

Blooded Suicide was release their sample songs which are :
Brain Apocalypse
Unblessed Burial

Blooded Suicide setup 5 songs in our EP Album, which are :

Whore's Massacre
Semua Mati
Fragrant Doesn’t Kill A Carcass

Band Members :

Tristna Sudrajat - Vocalist
Ibank Fajri - Guitarist
Ian Suicido - Guitarist
Dado Suicido - Bassist
Edy Drummer Pertarani - Drummers

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