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Biography :

WAFAT was formed in 1996 with means depart from this life. Since then, the band had several member change and released two demo. Beneath The Death (1996) and Cemetery Of Cellarage (1997). After finished burying the bodies of ex-members in the junkyard, now WAFAT already to spreading the dealy plague, with frank mufti(vox), didi''' (drum), Bonar (guitar), and Mario (bass) This current line up undoutbly play more aggressive brutal and prepare for the bloodshed with new tracks of hyperblasting death metal.

1996 - Beneath The Death (Promo Tape, only 50 pieces) Self Released
1997 - Cemetery Of Cellarage (1st album, sold out) Self Released
1998 - Indonesian Filthy Species (compilation) Morbid Noise Record)
1998 - Metalik Klinik II (Compilation) Rotorcorp/ Musica
1999 - Metalik Klinik III (Compilation) Rotorcorp/ Musica
2001 - Kompilasi Hardcore (Compilation)
2002 - Demoralize It All "Five Blood Of Hate" (5 Way Split Tape) Scream Record
2009 - "SURGA ITU GELAP" full lengt album
2010 - kompilasi soldiers blast (indonesia/singapura compilation)
and many more that WAFAT forgotten.

Now the band is seeking label to spread their next hyperblasting torture and every change to every compilation, split, interview, review, which is based on underground philosophy. Contact this address and WAFAT will keep you in touch and you'll be the first informed of band last news, merchandise, and other WAFAT garbage that tremble your mind and soul for sure !

Band Members :

*Frank - Vocalist
*Bonar - Guitarist
*Mario - Bassist
*Didi - Drummers

Free Download Wafat's MP3 :

* Wafat - Amarah
* Wafat - Bareang
* Wafat - Damage Breath
* Wafat - Dimensi Ke 4
* Wafat - Lapuerga
* Wafat - Polusi Jiwa
* Wafat - Setubuhi Denoam
* Wafat - Surga Itu Gelap
* Wafat - Tanpa Perlawanan
* Wafat - The Revenger

News :

Coming Soon
The 3RD New Full Length Album On 2010
Feat 9 tracks can killing your soul.
You can check official Myspace site from us we alredy uploaded 2 new songs for sample.

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