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Biography :

Formed on August 18, 1992 in Jakarta, the nation's capital; TRAUMA has been proving themselves as one of the oldest Indonesian death metal leaders that still exists today. TRAUMA is recognized as a leading example of deep visualization of songwriting, wicked playing skill and a ground-breaking arrangement to death.
In 1997, TRAUMA's first demo “Incomplete Damnation” been released. Next in 1998, TRAUMA released a full length album “Extinction of Mankind” through a local indie label; MORBID NOISE RECORDS. One year later, this album then has been licensed exclusively by PSYCHIC SCREAM ENTERTAINMENT [a supported Malaysian label from PONY CANYON] that intended for market in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Furthermore in 2000, a Chicago, US' label; OWL RECORDS licensed this album for wider markets as well.
In the same year, PSYCHIC SCREAM ENTERTAINMENT released a split album of TRAUMA and UNVEILED [Malaysia] for worldwide market. In 2002, a local label; EXTREME SOUL PRODUCTION released a split album for TRAUMA and AGATHOCLES [a legendary Belgian mince core band] titled “Death Metal vs. Mince Core”. In the same year also, a Netherlands' label; MANGLED STEW RECORDS merging TRAUMA along with their local band; TUMOUR, in a split album titled “Death Metal vs. Gore Grind”. Subsequently, this Holland-based label then had released 4 ways split album that includes 4 bands: TRAUMA [Indonesia], PLANKTON, SANGUINARY and INTUMESCENE [the rests are from Netherlands].
This far, TRAUMA has been involved in more than 50 album compilation titles that have been released by labels in Indonesia and overseas, such as: France, US, Australia, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Thailand, Mexico and many others. There's one of the biggest Indonesian underground compilation titled “Metalik Klinik”. TRAUMA appeared on Vol. 1 in 1997 and Vol.5 in 2003. This Rotorcorp/MUSICA's production is has been sold over than 100.000 albums.
Afterward, TRAUMA also had tagged along in a compilation titled “Panggilan Pulau Puaka” [Vol. II and III] under PSYCHIC SCREAM ENTERTAINMENT. It is said that this album was a most recognized in Malaysia in 2000-2001. PONY CANYON also involved TRAUMA in a compilation CD titled “METAL KLASIK Malaysia vs. Indonesia”.
Several TRAUMA's songs have been number 1 in some rock chart in local I-Radio that put TRAUMA's song; “Pelangi Hitam” [June, 2002] on the top. This position even hung on for 5 weeks. TRAUMA showed up on interview pages as well, such as fanzine, underground magazine around Indonesia and overseas even on more mainstream press.
TRAUMA's albums had given big positive responses from heaps of label/magazine in overseas, for instance: RELEAPSE [USA], BRUTALIZED [USA] even Max Cavalera [SEPULTURA/SOULFLY] also commented TRAUMA's songs in e-mail. TRAUMA always perform their best and try to be themselves without being a ‘follower' or ‘fake' from other great death metal bands in overseas that had given TRAUMA such great influences.

Finally on March 26, 2003, TRAUMA released their second full length album under KROSSOVER Records/MUSICA; titled “Paradigma: Demi Hidup Tak Perlu Harus Mati” with 11 songs in total. This album had been sold more than 10.000 units in the first 2 weeks. Video clip from this album, “Api dalam Otak” also often appeared on MTV Indonesia in 2003.
Next 4 months after, an indie label EDELWEISS Production released TRAUMA's autobiography book called “Dimensi Paradigma”. It was written by Nino Aspiranta, TRAUMA's vocalist, about the whole journey of TRAUMA from 1992 until 2003 completely.
Based on heaps of request, on December 2004, right after 6 years since “Extinction of Mankind” that had been released in 1998; VARIANT MUSIC INDONESIA [VMI] with distribution support from ALFA RECORDS decided to re-release this album, including 1 bonus unreleased track. With the brand new cover and look, TRAUMA's anthem ”Human Suffering” had a video clip done as well. Then this would be the third video clip after ”Penjara Dendam” [METALIK KLINIK II – 2002] and ”Api dalam Otak” [Paradigma, Demi Hidup Tak Perlu Harus Mati – 2003].
Lastly, with the current line-up: growl X scream: Nino Aspiranta [Nino], lead X rhythm guitar: Heilla Tanissan [Hella], bass: Rusdi Hamied [Rusdi] and drums: Ramadhani Utomo [Dhani]. TRAUMA now is having their third full length album released: DOMINASI KEMENANGAN out in November 2008 by ROXANA777 Records and distributed by RnB. This long-awaited album is now available in all of Indonesia's music stores. Dark Coleseum Records have our 3rd album Dominasi Kemenangan and special design T-shirts released as well. Make sure to order it! Exclusively for Malaysia, Singapore and around. Available now, get it now!!!

Band Members :

*Nino Aspiranta - Growl X Scream
*Hella Tanissan - Lead X Rhythm Guitar
*Rusdy Hamied -Bassist
*Ramadhani Utomo - Drummers

Albums :

*Extinction of Mankind [MORBID NOISE RELEASE] - 1998
*Extinction of Mankind [Malaysian Release by PSE] - 1999
*TRAUMA - UNVEILED [Malaysia] Split [PSE] - 2000
*TRAUMA - AGATHOCLES [Belgia] Death Metal vs. Mince Core [EXTREME SOULS PRODUCTION] - 2002
*Paradigma: Demi Hidup Tak Perlu Harus Mati [KROSSOVER/MUSICA] - 2003
*Extinction of Mankind [VMI RE-RELEASE] - 2004

Books :

*TRAUMA's Book [EDELWEISS Prod.] - 2003

Influences :

*In Flames
*Machine Head
*At The Gates
*Amon Amarth
*Cannibal Corpse
*Morbid Angel

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