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League of Resistance People

Biography :

Ruthless Little Plan ... Yupz, if we hear the name of our logic may be said right away that this band like most bands of other bearers of pop-punk band because of his name that sounded a little-bit 'may be analogous begitu.bahkan catchy as the band berinfluence Simple Plan because there is the word 'Plan' over there, but no, no!! .. Nei Nei Nei, we're not talking about a collection of children condemned from Canada tersebut.Sekarang how about we shorten its name to LRP? Ahaa!! .. (just heard the sound of 'click' in your ears is not it?) Yeaah .. LRP.Mungkin for its bearers Street Punx Bekasi City's 1998 era where our predecessors such as The United Smokers, Garputala, Garage (comp incubation periods. Voice of War, Together As One Vol.1 & 2) are beginning to show tajinya, embryos with this current band is formed at that time ... (hahah, without intending to express that we are a band that has moldy stale as possible). Formed in 1999 with the early formation Medio Fery, J-Punx, Bejo, Maggy, gokil (Add.Garputala), formerly the initial transformation of No Scure, a Sub-project band The Exploited 'Cover, but when the wave-wave pertama/1st Melodic (formerly the Sub-genre still Melodicore ) invades Jakarta, this ragged band come from the deadly virus genome derived Rawx ini.Not Available Punx and The Vandals was taken by them as an option bearers of the new genre, can you imagine at the time of our first gigs packed with dozens of band-push StreetPunxAnarcho that makes us look like dumb kids because dresscode and our different music (Like a child amid a collection of rabbit-ferret ferret black, Whahah ..). After experiencing ups and downs and falling-up before the band formed in early 2005 to 2006 became a collective unit is solid with his new formation that is Louie, J-Punx, Bejo, Bule and Fikri.Selanjutnya arguably they are more daring music formats by incorporating elements of Progressive didalamnya.Silahkan check their debut album, entitled, 'What did you call Punx with ??!..' Records releases foreplay.

And Story goes:
In mid summer of 1999 on a lil town of Bekasi, Tommy began an internship at the place his neighbor Nowhere Rizky and Ferry was schooled. After a short conversation, Nowhere they want found out That they want Had similar taste in music ESPECIALLY streetanarchopunx music, and they want both played guitar and bass, they want decided to do a jam session together and dealing with on their Exploited-cover band 'No Scure' with ferry's bandmates on Daffai named Aldi and make a lil punk rock on their way on-scene. but in 2001 Pls melodicore tunes-invasion goes to Indonesia Beside meet on their ska-punx fallingdown, got an idea they want to make a change with the music after Hear Some tunes like Not Available, NOFX, The Vandals etc. and decided to change a name with LRP aka Little Ruthless Plan till now.

Because of this Tommy decided to look for a drummer WHO capables for this music in this time, they want the find Freakree from Bekasi HC bands on their coz xStartTodayx additional Earlier drummer from Amoy Gamelan does not have much time oink Beside he so buzy with his band and Aldi can not coz he continued Anymore getting married and too busy with his college and family .. This WENT quite well, and soon started working on songs they want Rizky That Had written. The idea behind this was to get Some songs worked out till LRP get their own first compilation named 'Together As One vol.2' still on in 2001 by Cherry Records.

Skip forward to early 2004, Ferry as a vocal Had resign, but other guys wanted to still hang on with rizky as guitar-vocals, It was however going so well with Rizky's songs Until they want decided to look for a singer and find Tommy's school mate named Louie from other bands Melodicpunx 621cx. However this search Was not very Successful, in spite of the fact That he could not playing guitar, leave alone at the Same Time as a singer (so pity).

After that Matter was settled, decided they want to look for a guitar player. In early 2005 both were found for a try-out. The guitarist was Pandu, WHO Had been playing guitars for more than Had Few years and already played in bands before and Various Various genres too, Standard and Poor 'progressive rock and metal Beside his job as a part-instructure guitar on college. He IMMEDIATELY hit it off with the kids, and decided they want to continue on and Produce with the singles like 'Corelovestory'and' Illusions' on the demo tracks on their packaged. He was Accepted in to the band as well, but Suddenly Had he already made plans to leave, as he though it was going quite well and too busy with his family business. However, a couple of weeks after that, Pandu quit, Because he Did not feel he was motivated Enough to make it to rehearsals Beside he's so busy.

Because Rizky to perform well can not make the guitar lines for a one guitar, he asked Louie's Neighbourhood Napis to temporarily fall in on guitar, Until another guitarist was found. Even though Napis Had never really done it. He liked playing guitar with LRP so much, but he decided to off. In mid March 2007 but found on their Danu aka Bule one more time in this case from Louie's mate in 621cx and on their side project Synicus emo-metal band, and Agreed to join it, As They Felt That was going pretty good, as well.

As the make-up of the band was now finalized they want started working even harder on the songs That Had Louie start to written. They like to DESCRIBE on their music as being progressive melodic-punk, Which Is Some what of a mix of U.S. punk-rock melodicore and fastest european prog tunes (and Some derivatives from that).

Then just a little over a years later, Louie Danu Called up to tell him he wanted to quit coz he WENT TO East java for work with his uncle on pharmaceutical plant. So Tommy and friends without a gutarist Were again. They WENT looking for a new guitarist, but could not find anyone for quite Some time. However they want Did not want to stagnate, so decided they want to start talking with on their ex-No Scure member for guitarlines Aldi as much as possible.

Recorded they want on their first EP: "What did you call punx with ??!!" with repackaged editions, launched in 2006 and played it on my first These matery-song at the Parakeet Dejavu on their hometown on the near from early February 2006. At this show they want meet Satria from foreplay Records, WHO volunteered to Produced and released first-EP for Them on early 2007.
Despite of this going pretty well, they want still are very much looking forward to making next project again and get even more on their energy into songs. However they want aren't planning to back down from anything Because of this (Tired changing for guitarist), and they want Will continue to work hard on Improving Themselves and on their notoriety. So keep your eyes peeled to see if they want Might Be coming near you in the future.

Band Members :

*Dwi - Vocalist
*Tommy - Guitarist
*Mark - Guitarist
*Eggie - Drummers

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