Monday, July 26, 2010

Faith Must Pain

Biography :

Faith Must Pain formed around the year 2006, when it Heady desire that drives to form a permanent band and the first elected Ibo at that moment that fills Chandra Lead guitar and then a close friend of the Ibo that fills the Guitar, then Chandra who accidentally invites Gugum to join the faith must pain at that moment positioned vowel, then it occurred to vote Aldist Gugum to fill the void on drums.
The name of faith must own pain from the mouth of accidental Gugum who at the time was negotiating for the band's name, her pain must have hurt confidence berartikan which means whereby trust all things including their own religious beliefs should be hurt will be all the realities that must be faced.
As time went on she started walking with pain must try men'tracking Empty Heads song at the beginning 2007.Dan problem for the problem we often stopped at that time, and eventually one by one personnel from her own pain must not pursue a career with us, starting ari Ibo who must resign due to busy work very dense.
Time passed, and Aldist start hot with a band that is very conducive circumstances without the guitar player at the time, and he tried to get Kiki to fill the vacancy on the guitar, and several times tried to workout with our new guitarist at the time, we began to rise again after approached by a conducive situation, and did not walk long Kiki must resign because no longer able to divide his time with Faith must pain. Then Gugum should resign because of problems internal.Tersisalah Chandra who holds a guitar on Faith must pain, unwittingly Chandra who later resigned because he tried to focus on projeknya side band at the time.
Then later Heady and Aldist start looking for a replacement from them and not long after the entry of Additional player to fill vacancies on guitar and vocals from Faith must trigger the movement of pain to remain standing.
And in mid-2008 men'tracking Faith must track Komom Chaos pain, and after men'tracking song, good news came over to us, at that time Gugum who want to return after a long leave she must pain, then the entry of Derrick's lackeys to fill the position of the guitar .
With the formation constant pain she must begin again and arranges the songs and changed the concept of genre that we usung.Konsep Extreme Death Metal transformed into Death Metal with a little touch and of course Groove Slam Hyperblasting Sharp and grinding, which is inspired by bands Death Metal like Disgorge, Deeds Of Flesh, Suffocation, Pyaemia, Cephalotripsy, body, Death Vomit, Bleeding Corpse, Bury and berlirikan punishment of atrocities, Humanity, Murder, outrage, and all things that exist in reality man himself.

Band Members :

*Gugum - Guttural Voice
*Kacung - Guitarist
*Heady - Bassist
*Aldist - Blasting Machine

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