Thursday, July 22, 2010


Biography :

Starting in 2004 Bloodgush has form with the first member they are Glenn as vocal, Dush as Guitar, Dod as Bass and Thise as Drum. In that moments Bloodgush Play any noise Music as like as "agathocles" style.Bloodgush play in more feast of massacre during 2005 until 2006, but in a year Bloodgush stop their killing on events because some of fuckin' member busy with their gay corporation and busy with their fuckin' own grave and the other member has make a group with different taste of pop music.

Now in 2008 Glenn as vocal looking for the new member, so the new Bloodgush has formed they are Glenn on Bass and vocal, Ricky on Guitar and Opie on Drum. We agree to created some brutal death metal music which have inspiration with US Brutal death metal and combination with Grace metal also some of noise metal to and thrash metal actually. Now With this new member Bloodgush ready to attack you, killing you and ready to gusher your blood. Augusts 2009 we have change our formation, we have a new guy who play drums. Oppie has change with Novan.

Band Members :

*Glennder - Extreme Guttural Brutallity (Vocalist)
*Ricky - Guitarist
*Novan - Drummers

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