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Biography :

Angerfire was founded on 24 August 2006 with initial formation, Rizma / Ma 'un (Drums), Romi / Pillow (Bass), Rockim / Kocir (Guitar), and Arip / Komeng (Vox), with the music-Punk Crust Formation This did not last long, because some time later Ma'un and Komeng decided to come out with a less obvious reason, thus, Angerfire long enough time to vacuum. After joining Ayiek / Ndut (Vox) and Teguh (Drums), Angerfire active again, but not much later, Teguh out of the band due to lack of approval from her parents. After Teguh out, this band are like to lose "spirit", finally Kocir and Pillow had also decided to exit. See conditions like this, then invites Ma'un Ndut to rejoin. After Ma'un rejoin, they found two new personnel, namely Adit / Bononk, and Hendra / Paijo, feel less suited to the material of the old music, Angerfire then change the material of music to "Hardcore", with the formation, Ayiek / Ndut (Vox ), Rizma / Ma 'un (Guitar), Hendra / Paijo (bass), and Adit / Bononk (Drum) Actually, with the formation of this band was already pretty solid, but Paijo more busy with other affairs, and out, so this band back to change the formation, namely: Ayiek / Ndut (Vox) Rizma / Ma 'un (Guitar), Dimas / Samid (Bass) Adit / Bononk (Drums) With this formation "Angerfire Ready to Fight"

Band Members :

*Ayiek / Ndut - Vocalist
*Rizma / Ma'um - Guitarist
*Dimas / Samid - Bassist
*Adit / Bononk - Drummers

Free Downlod Angerfire's MP3 :

* Angerfire - I Don't Care
* Angerfire - Malang City Hardcore
* Angerfire - We Ready to Fight

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