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Biography :

Frankly there is an extremely difficult when I am in order to write something about yourself that abstractive and imaginative nature. Trying to visualize the shape the band into a series of letters and words. At least not in physical form but rather to expose their ideas and attitude of a band. Own fumble, Konak own, orgasm itself ... wow! therefore really sorry if this post rada example is "unilateral" aka too subjective. For the things that non-technical nature, pengennya wrote to hell in others. Well itung-itung avoid sentences that are kege'eran and also let objektifitasnya Mantep. But it is up also still want to write anything about us ... because the truth is everyone's interpretation. Free Coy ...
Session 1: ABOUT THE BAND.
Forgotten formation is never separated from the history of the music community in Ujungberung HOMELESS CREW. Small town in the eastern city of Bandung, shortness by industry, by the dense population, the immigrant slums. A music community as a place of dissatisfaction sosiokultur conditions were deemed more no identity. They are born and grow to become a counter culture.

January 1997 The first album "FUTURE syndrome" in the release. Debut album in the recorded in the STUDIO Palapa Bandung, bermaterikan berlirik England six songs on the release by local indie flag Palapa RECORD. Circulation includes parts of Indonesia and Asia. While for the circulation in the European region on the release by the German indie company Morbid Records. Month March 1998 album promo singles Forgotten bermaterikan two songs with the title "obsession OFF Promo Tape 1998" was released under the company's local indie ROCK RECORD. In the midst of busyness various compilation projects a number of record labels, Ferly guitar player quit. The project is the second full length album starting in February 2000 to work on the moon. Rehearsal studio located at 40 124 Bandung, ten songs began in the recorded material. Under the local indie label Extreme Soul Productions, in August 2000 the second album "obsession DEAD" was released. In the album was finally crippled dram players resigned his position and temporarily replaced by drummer from DISINFECTED Andris. Forgotten Month July 2001 entered the studio again. Located at 41 Star studio in Bandung, Indonesia berlirik four songs in working on. With the title "GOD HAS BEEN OFF" month of August 2001 mini-album was released under the company's local indie ROCK RECORD. May 2002 Kardun resigned and bass player for a while still wearing bass player Forgotten additional, Dikky from postmortem.
Month in March 2003 released the album Forgotten 'THREE SIX FIGURES ROTTREVORE RECORDS label. At this time finally Andris (drums) resigned his position and replaced temporarily by drummer MOTOR DEATH.

Session 2: ABOUT music and lyrics.
Talk about the music and lyrics Forgotten all can not disconnect with the reality that is happening around us. As a reflection of reality that comes from a certain psychological condition in the form of notation and pour into irregular rhyme. In sum is an expression of honesty. Reality can cause a variety of interpretations depending on the viewpoint of each individual. Viewpoints that can cause extreme psychological conditions specified. Extreme mental condition are trying at the music and lyrics reflect into the Forgotten. Viewpoints on the use of a radical course.

About the influence in music is definitely there. No music is not affected anything. The music was not pure. That there is music with character. All influence each other, shaping a new musical genre. Character is formed through a long process, complicated, and involves all elements that exist in the past or currently ongoing. Strongest influence Forgotten music and sound is heavy metal music era of 80s and 90s. Like Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Dream Theatre, Yngwee Malmsteen. The most dominant is the influence of thrash metal bands and 90's era Deathmetal like Slayer, Kreator, Testament, Pantera, Death, Soltice, Obituary, Malevolent Creation.

Forgotten lyrics talk a lot about reality. Coarse, vulgar, vulgar. Diction election sentences in the show is a word that tends berimplementasi on-seporadis.sastra eksplotatif sarcastic. Nuances of the human dark side is always in the background setting highlight and dominates the majority of songs with themes ranging from about depression, nihilism, schizophrenic, hopelessness, social politics, death, destruction of culture, psychoanalysis, and violence.
Effect of lyrics from various sources. Most of it comes from the books in the reading. Books literary, philosophical, cultural, political and textbooks. The "right" or "left". Paulo Freire's book, Nietzsche, Che Guevara, Ayu Utami, Enny Arrow, Pramudya Ananta Toer, the Gospels, the Qur'an, Sigmund Freud, Karen Armstrong, Noam Chomsky, Albert Camus, Play Boy, CrimeThink, Karl Marx, Emma Goldman, Kahlil Gibran, a book published by CrimethInc, Agus Noor, Rendra, lyrics Iwan Fals. Influence of the film, especially the works of Stephen King, Garin Nugroho, Steven Spielberg, Walt Disneys, Vivid Entertainment, and all the discourse that offers the subject the question of god, heaven, hell, reward, sin, Satan, the world, the hereafter. All forms of discourse that are considered well established by the public and the plaintiff returned by the Forgotten.

Session 3: ABOUT attitude.
Little is going to my review about the band's attitude. Actually, implicit attitude problem that can be read at the first session and second session. I would do is just confirmation of what has been describe above. Since we are talking attitude here is not on behalf of individuals but rather focus on the attitude of a band in their entirety. Previously there was a fundamental question about it, that is "new old music attitude?" or "once a new attitude to music ?"... What are the most dominant factor to influence the character of a band? ...

From Forgotten experience, it turns out they can not be separated. Both are equally important role in the formation affect the character of a band. In the end, will greatly affect the patterns and colors in the works. Then the question is "What kind of attitude from the Forgotten as a unified whole band ?..."

The answer is: listen to tape / cd volume 6 of his position (with a bottle of cold beer would be better!), Read and impregnated every lyric, watch concerts, rock your hate, roll your pain. The bottom line is you're the fuckin 'rules! ...

- ALBUM "FUTURE syndrome", Palapa RECORDS 1997.
- Compilation "BANDUNG Holocaust", Holocaust RECORDS 1997.
- Compilation "Independent REBEL", Aquarius Records in 1998.
- SINGLE PROMO "obsession OFF 98", ROCK RECORDS 1998.
- Compilation of "brutally Sickness", E.S.P 1999.
- ALBUM "obsession OFF", E.S.P. 2000.
- Compilation of "Bloody SOUND OF DEATH", E.S.P. 2001.
- Compilation "TRIBUTE TO DEATH Metallica", TRUE LIES PRODUCTION 2002.
- Compilation "fourth Harvest LIVE RECORDING", DISCHORDS RECORDS 2002.
- Compilation "DEATH DIMENSION", Edelweiss RECORDS 2002.
- Compilation of "LIFE AFTER DEATH", sinusitis PRODUCTION 2003.

Band Members :

*Addy - Vocalist
*Ferly - Guitarist
*Toteng - Guitarist
*Kardun - Bassist
*Maimed - Drummers

Free Download Forgotten's MP3 :

* Forgotten - Hidup Adalah Kutukan
* Forgotten - Perang Demi Setan
* Forgotten - Republik Bintang Tengkorak
* Forgotten - Tiga Angka Enam (666)
* Forgotten - Tuhan Telah Mati (Live)
* Forgotten - Tuhan Telah Mati

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