Saturday, July 10, 2010

Goodbye Dio

Biography :

Goodbye Dio was formed in the late 2008. We are just 4 person that making out our soul to make the good sound. Ayiph take the important position here. As Lead guitar and Vocal, he make some fuckin good songs ever after. bLunk as bassis and for drummer we believe on Gilang. now we got MOMON as backing vocal (scream ),
Goodbye Dio's name was created by our good fella, we’re calling him SAMID ( thanks dude !). If you listen to THE USED - BUDIMIC at reff. YES, we take our name from this song ! We hope you’ll love to hear our songs . Last we want you to being our friends !!!

Band Members :

*Momon - Vocalist
*Ayiph - Guitarist / Vocalist
*Denny - Guitarist
*Gilang - Drummers

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